How We Do It

  • Methodically
    • We are process people.  Our associates are trained and disciplined in leveraging a proven set of processes and methodologies that ensure an informed process that manages expectations, properly positions the client and is fully aligned to the market.
    • By spending more time up front to understand the company and its goals, we can help to validate that the plans are set up for success in winning the war for talent.
    • This approach translates into a more rapid, efficient and effective hiring process.

“In sales being on your hiring plan is synonymous with being ahead of your revenue plan.  Sterling Point keeps me ahead of plan in both regards”
 CRO at a Cambridge Based SaaS Firm.

  • Collaboratively
    • Arm’s length relationships don’t work, and although planning is essential, plans commonly become useless in a marketplace that changes not by the month but by the minute.
    • We roll up our sleeves and play an integral role in planning with our clients at the very earliest stages, often just after their earliest funding (Seed, Series A or B) when they decide to accelerate the Go-To-Market plan.
    • The process begins with a working session between principals to gain an in-depth understanding of the entire GTM plan and strategy.
    • We maintain an active dialogue and strong working relationship, not just through hiring surges, but throughout our client’s growth and evolution.
    • Feedback loops are critical and much of the value we deliver is providing the kind of marketplace information that allows our clients to read, react and respond rapidly.
      • Compensation considered competitive last month may not be now as a direct competitor just raised another round and is targeting your best people and offering above market money and equity.
      • As the product or product/market fit evolve the sales team needs to pivot as well.  Sometimes that requires additional training, sometimes it requires entirely different attributes and skill sets.

“Seems funny now that we used to hire in batches based on static plans….but then again we never had a partner like Sterling Point that understood us and remained so in tune with us throughout our journey. They helped us achieve the holy grail of ‘always be recruiting,’ to dynamically add and tune the team, opportunistically securing high impact players. They also gave us the time, confidence and discipline to top-grade underperformers because we knew we could efficiently secure new hires.”  

-VP of Sales at a Security company

  • Creatively
    • Rare is the company at an early stage that doesn’t have some fleas, ticks or challenges in appealing to and effectively securing the highest impact players without giving up the ranch in terms of equity.
    • Whether its below market compensation, sub-par benefits, an unproven product, a still forming sales process, a lack of leads or client testimonials or a to-be-defined culture.
    • Because we do a deep dive to understand the company across 10 discrete dimensions, and we understand the competitive landscape for talent we can properly position the company and package their opportunities.  By leveraging a company’s strongest assets, we develop compelling employee value propositions that will effectively position the client to win the war for talent.